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Play House Designer : Fix and Flip today - a fun simulator game of house renovation where you can realize all your home design fantasies into reality. Try yourself in the role of house flipper.
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Apr 1, 2024
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House Designer Mod APK is a game for all the people that love to design their homes with different accessories. In real life, it is not possible because not everyone is able to afford such things. But in House Design , you can design different houses however you like. You will first start off by cleaning the house and then you can renovate it with the help of new wallpapers and new furniture so that you can change its appearance.

After renovating the house, you can sell in the market to get profit. The profit that you will get will help you to decorate more houses. You can even become a gardener in this game and decorate your lawn however you want. You can make use of various tools that will help you to complete the tasks.

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In the House Design game, you will play the role of an Interior Designer. You have to buy an old mansion and you can improve its appearance to sell it in the market. For this purpose, you first have to clean the house and then you can decorate it with the help of different furniture and wallpapers. You can also take care of the garden to increase the price of it.

Features of House Designer Mod APK

Become an interior designer

In this game, you can become an Interior Designer. You can use your creative mind to change the appearance of the old worn out houses. You can do various things to make them look good.

Clean the dirty house

First, you have to thoroughly clean the house because you will get it in a very dirty condition. There will be garbage everywhere and all the equipment is also scattered  in the house. You have to gather all of them and clean the house.

Replace Furniture

The furniture of this house is also very old fashioned and you can replace the furniture with the new and modern furniture to increase the value of your house and to make it look better.

Apply beautiful wallpapers

To improve the conditions of the wall, you can buy different wallpapers from the store and apply them on the walls to make them look better. You can choose any of your favourite colour combinations for this purpose.

Design your Lawn

You can also play the role of a gardener and design your lawn for the attraction of the buyers. You can decorate your lawn with different types of ornamental flowers and you can also cut the grass to improve the appearance of the lawn.

Make use of different tools

There are different tools in this game that will help you to complete your tasks. You can buy these tools from the store that is available in this game. For example, you can buy wallpaper from the store and you can also get the grass cutter furniture etc.

Sell for Profit

After renovating the house, in this game you can sell them in the market to get profit. You have to sell the house for Greater profit so that you can buy new houses and renovate them again.

Unlocked Tools

All the important tools are unlocked in the Premium version of house design and they are also available for free.

Unlimited Currency

The premium version of this game will provide you with unlimited game currency so that you can buy the furniture and other useful items to decorate your house.

No ads

There will be no unwanted ads in the house design app and you can decorate it without any interruptions.

Why do people like House Design Premium APK?

People like House Design Premium apk as in this version they do not have to struggle in order to unlock the useful tools as all of them are available to the users. They will also be able to get unlimited currency that will help them to buy furniture.

Download House Design Premium APK Latest Version 2023

The premium version of House Design is very interactive as you do not have to struggle in order to get important tools. But there is a subscription fee that you have to pay in order to get these advanced features.

House Design APK 2023 Download

Home design APK 2022 will provide you with all the latest updates of this game.

Final Verdict

In the House Design game, you can buy different types of tools and furniture to decorate the house and then you can sell them in the market to earn profit. But if you want to get all the tools available to you for free then you can download the premium version of House Design APK.


Q. How do you get money in House Design APK?

You can get money by selling the houses for profit in the market.

Q. Who is the developer of House Design APK?

Karate Goose Studio is the developer of House Design APK.


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